Electrical Cable

Electrical cable has been an integral part of our everyday life. Electrical cable is related to the safety of our life hence it is very important for us to use wires that are of high quality and hence can maintain good safety level and prevent the leakage of electricity. Vacker Africa supplies Electrical Equipment and realizes the importance of an electric cable. We supply electrical cables of high quality in the African region. Our electrical cables can be found in different countries of Africa such as Kenya, Djibouti, Tanzania, Chad, Angola, Libya, Algeria, Niger, Congo, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo-Pacific, Zimbabwe, etc.

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multi-core-cablesIntroduction to Electrical Cable

Basically, electric conductors are made by combining two or more electric conducting wires. The wires are bonded, twisted or interwoven together to make an electrical cable. These electrical cables are better than other solid wires as we can find more flexibility in electric cables. These electrical cables are capable of transferring electrical energy from one point to another.

These electrical cables are capable of transmitting AC or DC current through a long distance. Routing of the electrical cable can be done in various ways according to the requirement e.g. overhead, undersea, and underground. The electrical cable by Vacker Africa is easy to install and economic.

Cables and Electromagnetic Fields

During the transmission of electricity by the conductor there is a certain range of electromagnetic field created due to the flow of electric energy. This can have an adverse effect on different parts of a nearby electric devices or sometimes on the whole devices.

The effect of the electromagnetic fields on the devices or even on the cables can be reduced by reducing the length of the electrical cables as much as possible. We have to keep in mind that the chance of picking and getting affected by unwanted electromagnetic fields increases with the increase in the length of the electric field. We can use different techniques such as shielding, twisted-pair, geometry and coaxial geometry to decrease the effect of electromagnetic field.

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fire-protection-cable-vacker-globalFire Protection

Electrical cables are required to be protected from fire since fire in the electrical cables can easily spread in the whole building envelope. Some ways to reduce the risk of fire catching of the electrical cables are as follows:

  1. The cable jackets can be protected with coating materials or the jacket can itself be made with a fire retarding material.
  2. Sometimes plastic protection can be removed if required.
  3. We also can use non-combustible mineral insulation to protect the cable from fire.

Different types of Electrical Cables

Vacker Africa supplies different types of electrical cables which can be used according to the requirement of its client. Some various types of electrical cables are as follows:

  1. Flexible cable
  2. Communication cable
  3. Direct-buried cable
  4. Coaxial cable
  5. Flexible cable
  6. Heliax cable
  7. Portable cord
  8. Metallic sheathed cable
  9. Twisted pair
  10. Multicore cableoptical-fibre-cable-vacker
  11. Paired cable
  12. Submersible cable
  13. Paired cable
  14. Twinax cable
  15. Twin lead
  16. Ribbon cable
  17. Single cable

Hybrid Cables

Sometimes it may be a good idea to use more than one type of cable. In this we can use hybrid cables which are the combination of different types of cables. These types of cable have diverse working capability and are used in different purposes. They can be used in FITA where optical fibers carries the information and the electric conductors transmit electricity.

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